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The Hoover Steamvac Carpet Cleaner can only be described as the final step in the evolution of the handheld carpet cleaner. Years ago, people had to contend with heavy and noisy contraptions that sloshed hot water around the house. Only the bravest and most patient of individuals actually continued using these unwieldy contraptions and unfortunately people had this collective misconception that cleaning carpets at home, was really an impractical thing to do….. WOW, How times have changed!


The following are a series of reviews of the BEST Carpet Cleaners on the market and they all come from Hoover

Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer(2)


SteamVac Carpet Cleaner With Clean Surge

Model # F5914900

  • This powerful home steam vacuum saves you the expense and hassle of having to rent a steam cleaner and keeps rugs, upholstery, and bare floors (other than hardwoods) looking like new.
  • Great for quick pick-ups, all over routine cleaning or those heavily soiled areas. The two tank system makes it easy for you to keep your clean and dirty water separate. Watch the dirty water tank fill up as the MaxExtract Carpet Washer cleans with the full width of the nozzle.


MaxExtract Dual

Hoover MaxExtract  Dual V Carpet Cleaner

Model # F7412900

  • The cleaner’s Dual V Technology produces equal suction across the entire cleaning path and removes more water than any other brand. The separate clean/dirty water departments are both large enough to allow you to make fewer trips back and forth to the sink. The detergent has a separated compartment so any leftovers can easily be returned to your detergent container and reused the next time you clean. Patented SpinScrub rotating brushes gently loosen dirt and clean all sides of the carpet fiber, plus they pop out and are easy to rinse clean as needed.







Platinum cleanerHoover Platinum Collection Carpet Cleaner with MaxExtract Technology

Model # F8100900

  • The Hoover  Platinum Carpet Cleaner offers two spot-cleaning settings: a stream setting for smaller spots and a spray setting for heavy-traffic areas–just pull the trigger to dispense the cleaning solution.
  • Equipped with MaxExtract technology and a powerful 12 amp motor, this easy-to-use carpet cleaner provides a computer-controlled system with carpet or rug settings for a professional-looking clean without the guesswork. Simply push a button and turn the dial to start the cleaning cycle. The machine’s Dual Scrub technology combined with SpinScrub brushes surround carpet fibers to gently remove dirt from every angle.




Max Extract 77MaxExtract 77 Multi-Surface  Carpet & Hard Floor Deep Cleaner

Model # FH50240

  • Spinscrub Technology with 77 counter rotating brushes engineered to surround carpet fibers, removing dirt at every angle.
  • Stain removal made simple: Think of it as a tidal wave of stain-removing power! Pressurized edge-to-edge cleaning creates a wall of pressurized water that loosens and lifts stubborn stains with a constant and relentless spray that’s removed from your carpet and followed by forced heated air that speeds up drying times.
  • This unit combines the all the unique features offered by the other Hoover Steamvacs, in one model. For example Auto Rinse and multi-surface cleaning features are only found in the All-Terrain model.  The Clean Surge feature is only found in the Model F5914900 and presureized edge to edge cleaning found in the MaxExtract 60 (not reviewed here). The MaxExtract 77 has all the best features of other units plus 77 multi-directional brushes- more than any other unit.
  • It Gets Our Vote!! 



Hoover MaxExtract SteamvacMaxExtract All-Terrain Carpet & Hard Floor Cleaner

Model # F7458900

  • Got company on the way? The Hoover MaxExtract All-Terrain Carpet Washer cleans fast and dries fast. A heated drying feature reduces wait times and keeps surfaces fresh, clean and dry.It’s not just for floors: Bring the power of SpinScrub to all of your upholstery too with powered hand tools that work on stairs, furniture and vertical surfaces













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